Enjoying the Wilderness

Our time in South Africa over the past few years has been largely spent expecting a new baby or nursing a new baby. As a result, we never really ventured with much gusto beyond weekend trips from Cape Town. As we plotted our route for this journey though, the voices championing a stop at Wilderness were plentiful. So we decided to stop.

We departed Prince Albert – a town to be remembered for some very colourful characters – via a thoroughly enjoyable drive over Swartberg Pass. Pitching camp on a rainy Sunday afternoon on the edge of Wilderness National Park did not thankfully set the tone for the week.  There is a lot on offer in this corner of the world and while we have sampled a good slice of the family friendly hikes, enchanting forests and impressive beaches, we have left much to return for. 

In wildlife news, aside from an impressive flyby from Egyptian Geese while canoeing on the Touws River, notable bird sightings include the Narina Trogon and Knysna Loeries; the latter of which was even confidently spotted by one of the youngest in our ranks.  

It’s pleasing to report that our camp logistics are slowly improving. This week for example, we introduced a discreet potty station towards the rear of the camp. The intention being to reduce night runs to the loo and more crucially, to prevent our living quarters becoming an unregulated latrine. We had great success on this front and encouragingly it has been used almost exclusively only by the children. Almost. It did though result in the occasional awkward encounter when exchanging morning pleasantries with a perfect stranger, while both parties politely ignore the plastic pot brimming with a cocktail of hydration. 

Currently in The Crags above Plettenberg Bay and judging by the fine seafood lunches on offer, this place is about to give our budgeted per diem a bit of a seeing to. 

Early morning on the very cool Swartberg Pass
After a bit of jostling we found a spot on the beach
The camp throne
The Wilderness National Park delivered some memorable hikes and river crossings.
Gratuitous long exposure camp shot


  1. Well done Fran! It sounds like you have an awesome adventure ahead of you. What a great idea and great reporting too. Love the photos. xx

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