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After several years of gainful employment, finalising our respective studies and our New Year’s Eve wedding, 2014 presented an ideal opportunity to test ourselves – and our new marriage – by attempting to cycle from China to South Africa.

From Europe (Philip) and South Africa (Fran), we met through a shared interest of outdoor activities whilst living and working in Perth, Australia. Our intended route was established through Philip’s long-held interest in exploring the Silk Route and Fran’s desire to explore more of the African continent. Our starting point will be Kashgar in western China, and our intended finish point is the Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa. Our planned journey broadly follows the former trading route of the Silk Road toward Turkey before turning south to Egypt and continuing down to Cape Town.

A trip of this nature comes with numerous challenges to overcome. The terrain and climate are relatively easier to anticipate, whilst the political sensitivity in pockets of our route have proved difficult to plan ahead for. For these reasons any published schedule should certainly be taken with a pinch of salt.

Notwithstanding the above, the challenges of the first year of any marriage will likely provide a more entertaining detour to any schedule.

Philip and Fran



  1. Hi Phil and Fran, Greetings from Adelaide, Australia. Bicycles for Humanity (and the chairperson Angela!) will be keenly watching your progress towards Africa. We look forward to you telling us about your journey from Asia to Africa and will be pleased to see you next to a B4H bike shop!
    Awesome photos so far!
    Happy and safe cycling.

    1. Hi Phil and Fran, Greetings also from the B4H team in Perth. It was a real pity I did not get home in time to meet you before you left. Sounds like you have had a wonderful time already – and so much more to see and do ahead of you. Really looking forward to following your progress.
      Enjoy, and keep safe!

  2. Best wishes for a wonderful trip from all at BEN Namibia. Thanks again for promoting the cause of getting more bikes to Africa. If you’d like project contacts in Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, Madagascar, South Africa, or of course, Namibia, please let us know.
    Michael Linke

  3. Fran (and Phil for that matter). Sarah just forwarded on the site, looks like you’re having an epic time! Keenly following your progress. I’ll have something else to day dream about when I’mm looking out the window during negotiation training with someone muttering a running commentary to themselves.

  4. Great to meet you on the Pride of the Zambezi houseboat – look forward to seeing you on arrival in Cape Town ! Happy cycling through Namibia and good luck for the last big Push

    1. Thanks Sean, good meeting you too. Getting started after the few days we had with you certainly wasn’t easy. But worth it! Hope to see you again at some point.

  5. Hey Phil!

    Just watched the Cairo to Cape town video. Awesome. Can’t half tell our continents were joined hey. Much of the footage reminded me of our own north west…. Was it a similar feeling riding through there?

    Anyway I would love to discuss some details of your trip with you.

    Can you get in touch with me at cannm01@gmail.com at some point? Whenever you have some time really, it’s no rush.

    Awesome stuff, I was tired after the first 4 scenes I don’t know how you both did it.



  6. Hi Philip and Fran,

    Congratulations with your trip ! Great to see that you guys made it. How is life at the moment for you ? We’re the Dutch couple you met on the road in Georgia …. we’re in Egypt right now and will continue in October more ore less the same route as you did to South Africa. Hope we can get in touch as we have some questions about visa for Sudan and Ethiopia. Would be great if you can help us out as we discover many different stories. You can contact us at; isa.youri@ithaka.im / http://www.ithaka.im

    Thanks a lot !
    Isa and Youri

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