Equipment List

A not inconsiderable amount of planning and equipment-sourcing was required prior to departure. The following equipment suppliers will be helping us on our way, and the below may well offer some information to others planning similar trips.



The Folks at Kathmandu Australia were good enough to provide us sponsorship,through provision of equipment at criminally reduced prices.

As a result, our home for this journey is the Lansan Light two-man tent, which has so far proved to be as reliable as it is resilient. It has survived snow, rain, outrageously high winds, and endless dessert terrain, without fault.

We are also using Kathmandu for our complete sleeping setup, windproof jackets, waterproof dry bags, and various other items.



Shopping in Western China didn’t furnish us with a great deal of choice, but thankfully a couple of Merida touring bikes stepped up from a dusty flooded basement. Time and distance will judge you.



The Germans have apparently cornered the market in the pannier department. We’ve opted for their lighter weight Backroller Plus option.


Brooks make leather saddles for bicycles. They are British, they are excellent, and frankly; it’s a privilege to be able to place my bottom on one.



This region necessitates a reliable water source. We have opted for the GravityWorks 2.0-Litre bottle kit, which removes the need for any pumping.


goal Clever little portable solar panels for an ongoing power source.


Get lost, or in a spot of bother, and we will be found. Hopefully.




We will be cooking using the multi-fuel Whisperlight International, and carrying water in the 4-litre DromLite Bag.




  1. It’s been a regular bout of escapism following you guys. Keep the words flowing mr Johnson. You know what the alternative is. If you get bored (unlikely) , listen to Jeremy Rifkins podcast on Fits with the plan. Take care and enjoy. Also read Anabasis by Xenophon, good for your trip through northern turkey. Will let you know when No. 2 arrives.

    1. Thanks for the tips Gilbo. And is the ‘alternative’ you’re talking about a life of riding mountain bike trails and hydrating with a cool beer? If so, I’m in.

  2. Hi Phil, fantastic website and capture of your epic journey.

    The vid shows a nice variety of roads and somehow you seemed to be rolling fast downhill for a lot of the time, I guess that’s what happens when you head so far to the south!

    All the best for the next Adventure, Cheers Chris

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