The Fish River Canyon

Namibia’s Fish River has a few unique attributes. Firstly, there is water running down it, which, based on our experience of this country, is a rarity.  Secondly, it lays claim to be Namibia’s longest river, although given the aforementioned observation, doesn’t exactly face stiff competition in this department. The most notable feature of the Fish River however, is the canyon that bears its name.

We had debated up until the final moments of tackling the gravel tracks and unfavourable winds, whether or not it was all going to be worth the effort. Though thankfully upon arrival, the Fish River Canyon did not disappoint. Although playing second fiddle to the Grand Canyon of Arizona in terms of scale (a fact boasted on numerous information boards), it certainly still carries a fair bit of grandeur itself. The canyon made for some spectacular viewing and would serve as a thoroughly worthwhile geology field trip, if that’s your thing.

Fairly Grand…

The tourist lookout.

This has not been our friend in Namibia. In fact, it has taken part of our soul!

A fitting end to what has been a rewarding country to ride through. Certainly, Namibia can be considered – and has often been referred to – as ‘Africa for beginners’ or ‘Africa Light’, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It probably represented one of the most hassle-free months of our trip and is likely why we were so reluctant to leave. Grand(ish) canyons aside, given the excellent hospitality (that seemed to thoroughly appreciate the calorie needs of a cyclist), the peaceful solitude of nearly the entire country, and the excellent camp spots, a lot of good came from Namibia for us.

South from here.



  1. What a special place it is! I was fortunate to walk. The Fish River Canyon at the age of 12 for 5 days! Grueling but a wonderful challenge! I remember the East winds too, not for the faint of heart!

    Good luck for the final push through to Cape Town



  2. I have left it to now to “reply” on your fascinating blog…….most deffinitely not because of lack of interest but because of a lack of words and adjectives to express my feelings of pride in you two and what you have achieved.
    What you have done and seen, leaves me speechless.

    Travel safely and enjoy your last few days. Take good care of each other.
    We and……….judging from the comments on Facebook ……hundreds of your friends and followers, will be with you ( even if only in thought) at the finish line to salute you, dearest Frances and Philip.


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