Cheerio Cairo

Our feelings towards Cairo have been largely of indifference. Having been here a week, we have still yet to find anything that could reasonably pass for a city centre – and we have had plenty of time to look for one, from the discomfort of some incredibly slow moving traffic. Evidence of the recent political revolution remains present throughout the city, where the Kalashnikov-wielding teenage police force combine with the strategically poised armed vehicles to give the place an uncertain edgy feel, which in parts could easily be mistaken for the inside of a military compound.

Certainly, the pyramids have provided an awe-inspiring insight into what seemed to have been a tremendously intelligent and advanced civilisation. However, observing the pointy spectacle with the disjointed and frantic modern-day Cairo as its backdrop, you can’t help but feel that this city perhaps peaked around 4,000 years ago.

Holder of ‘world’s tallest building’ title, for around 3,800 years.

After a lesson from the Sudanese in how not to operate a foreign embassy, we have managed to secure a visa that will allow us to at least begin our journey southwards, assuming of course that we can find a way out of the Cairo sprawl.

Fellow Cairo cyclist.


  1. Hi Philip and Fran,
    We met you yesterday on the road to Hurghada amd we were so amazed of you guys doing the trip south on your bikes! All the good luck on your journey to South Africa. We are now at Camp Rezeiky in Luxor. A good place (for egyptian standards) and good food 😊

  2. Hi guys.
    We are in Aswan right now. We met you on the road to Hurghada.
    Some info for you:
    In Luxor there is Rezeiky camp they have internet, campsite and rooms.
    Take the diner, it is very good!
    Now we are in Aswan at Adam’s Home. When you get to Aswan cross the bridge to the westbank and ask for Adam’s Home. It is located in a Nubian village and run by Sammi and Mohamad. It is nothing fancy but the hospitality is great. We are here untill next saturday (nov.1)
    Have a safe trip!!

    1. Hi Nikki & Stephan
      We have enjoyed a couple of down days in Luxor and leave tomorrow (Wednesday). Depending on progress, should be in Aswan by Thursday. Thanks for the advice, we’ll head that way once we arrive. Hope to see you again soon.

      Have you guys got an email we can get you on?

      Phil& Fran

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